Back To School Fair

Back to School Fair

Join us with your family and friends to enjoy a free three-day Back to School Fair filled with laughter, games, entertainment, shows, giveaways & prizes.



Step into a magical adventure this Eid Al Adha and experience a whimsical wonderland!


CreatiVibe Event

Welcome to CreatiVibe – where “quiet kids” roar and the “shy ones” dazzle! Prepare for a rollercoaster of rhythm, rhyme, and rocking talent as our prodigious pack of pre-adult performers […]

Fashion Revolution Week

Sustainable Souk

It’s time for a Fashion Revolution A sustainable Fashion Show showcasing 10 students’ design creations on stage, voting, winner’s awarding, with complimentary Pop-Up vendors related to the theme.

Family Go-Karting Challenge

Join StuDIYo Lab on the 1st floor at Times Square Center to witness the Family Fun Go-Kart Grand Finale! Over the past few weeks, 6 families have created their very […]

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