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Viva Supermarket

Viva Supermarket can be easily accessed by a variety of neighbouring communities. Their aim is to provide high quality goods to shop at discounted rates.

“VIVA means living. At Viva, we believe in delivering exceptional value for money through the simple principle of always fresher, cheaper, better. Customers will experience a different way of shopping where the highest quality at the cheapest prices is found in a compact format to save money and time,” says Georg Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Viva.

The range available at Viva Supermarket is unlike other offerings in the market. Featuring unique labels sourced from around the globe, the market prides itself in sourcing directly from smaller brands that offer premium quality items for less. All the products at Viva are handpicked by their buyers, to ensure quality assurance and affordability.

Brands found exclusively at Viva Supermarket include Suhana from India, Ecofrost from Belgium, Oro from Italy, Scandic from Norway, and Fomilk from Turkey, to name a few.

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