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Studiyo Lab

StuDIYo Lab was created to inspire children to harness their unlimited imagination, giving them the tools [and skills] necessary to hone their craft.

Design and Technology enables children to experiment with their dexterity, building familiarity of working with their hands from a young age. We at StuDIYo Lab believe that, through encouraging these skills, children can grapple with problem-solving and critical thinking. Children who attend our classes and workshops are taught to select and use appropriate tools safely and effectively to make a product. Lessons learned in StuDIYo Lab classes can easily transfer to the world around them.

From 5 years and above, StuDIYo Lab, offers a range of exciting workshops for children, adults and families. Activities may vary in theme, skill-level, and duration, but the outcome is consistent: everyone will walk away with a finished project to be proud of, and an understanding of the precision that goes into Design Technology.

First Floor

+971 4 388 8530

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