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At StretchStudio it’s time to get loose.

1 on 1 assisted stretching is for anyone who finds themselves sitting, or hunched over on their phones way too much. That’s just about everyone.Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a new yoga class or a massage it’s a personalized session with a “Flexologist” who is a professional 1 on 1 personal stretcher.

At StretchStudio we promise to expand the boundaries of health and wellness through personalized stretching. We use our own method of a series of stretches using specialty made beds and straps to maximise every stretch.

After all the odd looking twisting of limbs into strange looking positions, you’ll feel looser and refreshed.

There are many benefits to assisted stretching, some being:

Increased range of motion, Enhanced physical and athletic skills, Increased muscle Relaxation, Relief from stiffness, Improved mobility and flexibility, Reduction in stress, Improvement of quality of life, Decreased risk of injury, and Increased blood flow to your muscle and yes you even sleep better.

Regular assisted stretching can be addictive as life overall seems better when you stretch regularly at StretchStudio.

Stretching your muscles as often as possible is the most effective way to improve your flexibility.

Having a 1 on 1 professional assisted stretch will give you a much better, deeper stretch that feels great as you do it.

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