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Let’s Popcorn

Let’s Popcorn: Established in 2011 is a leader in today’s Popcorn industry. Today, let’s popcorn is rapidly expanding in many countries and currently has several master franchise partners in all GCC countries, in addition to Lebanon, Jordan & Egypt.

More about the brand:Let’s Popcorn is the 1st regional Gourmet Popcorn brand since 11/11/11 with an exclusive 50+ unique and exclusive flavors. American Quality, Locally prepared with its own secret recipe. Most importantly is that we are committed to best value of each popcorn kernel, highest quality ingredients and healthiest cooking method.

All Let’s Popcorn flavors are air-popped, (oil free) which maintain the maximum nutrition facts for each popcorn kernel, in addition being fresh, non-GMO, Diet Friendly and healthy snack for all ages to be consumed all day long. The Nutrition’s Facts are available in our website:

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