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In 2018, Citron was founded to make products for parents who want to champion parenting in a stylish fashion.

Sara started the company in the spirit that mums can do anything. With a fussy eater at home and no product on the market that could help him, she resorted to her own experiences to design a lunchbox that solved her son’s problem and empower her as a mum.

From there on, we used all our spare time to come up with new products and functionalities that could help our growing customers have an upgraded mealtime experience. And we did! Our products are natural fussbusters, from lunch and snack boxes that can withstand their roughest plays, to a line of bottles that they can actually hold, stylish lunch bags, playful dishware and more, much much more.

By making simple products that get the job done we have made it our mission to help parents overcome their daily struggles and empower their parenting journey from kitchen to tummy. We trust you see us as a brand that can support the big dreams of your little ones and pave the way to a brighter future. We know we will.

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