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Blossom Honey

Blossom Honey specialises in delicious, health-giving 100% raw honey from Yemen and Kyrgyzstan. Obsessed with quality, nutrition and flavour, the Blossom Honey team provide the purest, most powerful natural honey products, with the best nutritional value, health benefits and superior taste.

Working only with the best apiarists and suppliers – true artisans with a rich heritage and beekeeping traditions that have been passed down through generations – the current Blossom Honey collection includes five of the most healing, delicious and rare honey types, with a price point from AED 90dhs for 150g up to over AED 2000 per kg:

  • Yemeni Sidr Royal Honey

  • Yemeni Sidr Do’Ani

  • Yemeni Wild Flower Honey

  • Yemeni Sumar Honey

  • Kyrgyzstan White Honey

Considered the “super food” of choice, honey is capable of treating and healing many types of ailments and promoting well-being, especially when infused with herbs, spices or supplements. Blossom Honey certificated staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and are qualified to mix Blossom Honey infusions to promote good health and to treat specific conditions.

The most popular Blossom Honey, Sidr Do’Ani, comes directly from the sweet nectar of the ancient and sacred Sidr tree in Yemen, mentioned four times in the Holy Qu’ran.

Blossom Honey is all raw, totally natural, organic and unprocessed. Never heated or refined, all Blossom Honey products are alive, full of nutritional, antibacterial, pro-biotic and antiinflammatory properties and have an eternal shelf life.

Blossom Honeythe symbol of life, health and good fortune.

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