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Baskin Robbins

More Flavors, More Happiness

Baskin Robbins is the Gulf’s favorite brand of delicious Ice Cream desserts, offering a sumptuous variety of Ice Creams, sundaes, shakes and Ice Cream Cakes. Our staff at Times Square Center is ever ready with a warm welcome and a taste-spoon so that you can try before you buy. Treat yourself with a your favorite Ice Cream scoop or indulge in a decadent sundae, beat the heat with delicious thick shakes, or celebrate with friends and family with the tantalizing range of Ice Cream Cakes. Any way you like it, Baskin Robbins is all about more flavors, more happiness.

List of main brands stocked:

Ice Cream, Sundaes, beverages, ready packs and Ice Cream Cakes

Ground Floor

+971 4 605 7093

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