Otaku ME

Otaku ME is the UAE’s one-stop destination for all things related to the plastic model building hobby. The Japanese term for the hobby, plamo, has been adopted internationally and the needs of the plamo community are best served in the region by Otaku ME.

The main branch at Times Square Center covers 4,800 sqft of space and displays products from the ever-growing catalog of over 9,000 SKUs, and offers a range of services that allow the modeler to go full circle from buying a kit, to picking out accessories, tools, and paints, to providing 9 building stations for in-store building and 4 properly ventilated paint stations for worry-free paintwork. For customers requiring more time to work on their kits, there are storage lockers for rent and once the model kit is finished they even offer a marketplace for the customers to sell their finished works.

The product mix at the Times Square Center branch has been designed to have a stronger emphasis on customers new to the hobby. For fans of Tamiya’s exciting Mini 4WD battery-operated race cars, there is also a free-to-use circuit set up at the mall for our customers to try out their newly built cars.


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