Kidz Palooza

Get ready for some play-based learning at Kidz Palooza, Dubai’s newest Indoor Play Area. Kids from the ages of 1 through 10 can explore seven exciting play zones, each with a different theme: Art Gallery, The Market, Block Factory, Backstage Dress-up, Arcade, Soft Playground — and Toddler Town, which was designed for our little guests aged 1 to 4.

Kidz Palooza also features a cozy Café where parents can keep a close eye on their kids from a Central Lounge while enjoying the highest quality blend of 100% Italian Lavazza coffee beans in any of their favorite drinks. If you’re not in the mood for a coffee, we also have a range of specialty teas, fresh juices, thick milkshakes and smoothies to choose from.

Kidz Palooza offers a specialized Salon for kids featuring a team of experienced hairdressers, making life easier for children and parents alike. Our hairdressers can give little girls’ beauty makeovers, trendy hairstyles and boys fashionable haircuts.

Last, but not least, Kidz Palooza offers a fully professional equipped Spa for both kids and mums alike. Our Spa was designed with busy mums in mind. Come on in and get pampered with your little ones, or while your little ones are being entertained in our play area. We only use carefully selected and organic SPA products.

Call us to book an unforgettable birthday party!Kidz Palooza has 4 exciting packages (including SPA Party package for girls) to fit your needs. Select one and leave the rest to us! We make sure each Birthday celebrated with us is filled with utmost fun and joy.

Kidz Palooza


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