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Torrons Vicens is a family owned Company holding a long Nougat (Turron in Spanish, Torro in Catalan) tradition since 1775, based out of the village of Agramunt, Lleida, Spain.
In the year 2000, entrepreneurs Angel Velasco and his son Angel Velasco Herrero took over the management of Vicens, and since then, have grown its network exponentially, with over 40 retail stores around the world.
With over 350 different product offerings, Vicens heritage line is the Artisan Nougat consisting of soft & hard nougat, with quality flavors of coconut, marzipan, chocolate, truffles and many more.
Vicens Excellence Nougat line recently launched the Natura range in collaboration with two Michelin star pastry chef, Albert Adria. The Gourmet Nougat line is known for its finest blend of raw material along with its luxurious case displays.
For the health conscious individuals with discerning palates, the Sugarless Nougat does not compromise on taste. And finally, Vicens Specialties line offers a range of caramelized or chocolate-coated nuts, truffles, cookies, nougat or chocolate spread cream and a variety of jams.
The Vicens brand is franchised by Antonio's Market, a UAE based company specialized in importing gourmet Spanish foods to the Middle East region since 2008.