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We are a home-grown, UAE-based company. Mandilicious was born in Dubai, and built as a global brand. Founded at the beginning of 2013, Mandilicious is the world’s first ever restaurant to serve the traditional, slow-cooked ‘Cuisine of Arabia’ in a quick-service, food court setting. Beside authentic Mandi, Mandilicious also offers other much-loved Arabian dishes such as: Madhbi, Zurbian, Haneedh, Kabsa, Thareed and Camel Mugalgal. Our dishes are all tasty and fresh, providing a much healthier alternative to what’s on offer at typical food-court restaurants in malls and shopping centers. Even our ‘heaviest’ combo meal delivers about 25% LESS calories (on a per 100 gram basis) than a typical burger combo meal.

Our Toll - Free number is 800 81 81 81