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Adventure HQ, the ultimate outdoor adventure superstore, is located at Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. The first of its kind for UAE, GCC and Middle East, Adventure HQ is a dedicated outdoor adventure retail specialist offering equipment for a wide range of active lifestyle pursuits such as: fishing, kayaking, diving, camping, hiking, cycling, off-roading plus plenty more.

Whether you're a first timer, weekend enthusiast or accomplished adventurer, Adventure HQ supplies the widest and most diverse range of gear and supporting services for your outdoor adventures.

More than just another retail store, Adventure HQ offers a unique retail environment where you can have an adventure while you shop. Activities include a 'Climbing Pinnacle' and 'Cable Climb' which are designed to challenge your adventurous skills. The store also features a 'Chill Chamber', the coolest place in Dubai, for testing gear designed for cold conditions.

The Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ


The 9 meter climbing pinnacle is the most realistic surface that resembles real rock faces. The features edges and pockets are molded off limestone cliffs in Bulgaria. There are 10 auto belays suitable from beginner to experience climbers with 30 possible combinations to master.

Weight restrictions 15 kg minimum – 125 kg maximum


Traverse is an indoor Cable Climb that leaves you clinging to swinging tyres, balancing unsteady planks and gripping webs of rope, all while suspended 7 meters in the air. There are 11 obstacles to navigate. From crossing swinging tyres, to walking the tight wire, to taking the leap of faith, the Cable climb offers adventurous customers the chance to navigate a suspended obstacle course whilst safely secured via the Bornak continuous cable belay.

The cable climb is designed to offer a varied amount of vertical challenge whist being suitable to users who are taller than 140 cm in height. The course offers both a physical and mental test for those who are up to the challenge!

Height limit – you must be 140 cm minimum