Vicens Opening

23 Aug 2015

Antonio's Market which  was set up in 2008, and has since then acquired a broad experience in the Spanish food sector and have specialized in the food industry, selecting products directly from production centres, farmhouses and manufacturers to ensure that they offer the best quality and the most competitive prices in the market has finally open its new franchise of Torrons Vicens at Times Square Center, First Floor.

Torrons Vicens is a family owned Company holding a long Nougat tradition. Based on Urgell’s village of Agramunt (Lleida), known as the origin of the “Torro”(Nougat) and the “Xocolata a la Pedra”(Stone chocolate), produce traditional nougats and other specialties.

During most of two centuries the Vicens’ Family has been loyal to the production of the artisanal nougat, and specifically to the Agramunt’s nougat. Their origin is documented for a first time on 1741, where this product appears on Noble family letters, but is known this tradition came to this village from long time ago.

Nougat activity besides agriculture has been from the beginning the economic engine on this area.

"From Torrons Vicens we grant the nougat tradition since 1775. Generation after generation we produce our products on an artisanal manner. "



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