ARTE, The Makers’ Market celebrates its 10th anniversary in Dubai on 11th September 2015

10 Sep 2015

ARTE, The Makers’ Market celebrates its 10th anniversary in Dubai on 11th September 2015


ARTE (Artisans of the Emirates) turns 10 this September. Visit the 10th anniversary market on 11th September at Times Square Center, Dubai between 12 noon-7pm.


To celebrate, there will be a new look and layout to the market. In front of the lifts, crafters will be giving demos and workshops on how they make their goods, be it knitting, crocheting, metal working or painting. Fun and creative stalls with fabulous displays made by makers resident to the UAE will cover two floors. Look out for the hand-crafted bunting created by individual stall holders too.


Founder Miriam Walsh says ‘Happy birthday, ARTE! The market is thriving and developing with a continual flow of new artisans and we are pleased to bring a new look in celebration of our decade of markets. Everyone is invited to come down and take part in the special 10th anniversary competitions.’


With up to 200 different vendors, the market will be teeming with creativity and provides a buzzy atmosphere to wile away a Friday afternoon. Wander between the stalls and speak to the artisans about how they make their unique products. They would love to explain how they have made their products and how each hand-made item is unique and won’t be found elsewhere. You are bound to find an original gift for you, your friends and your relatives.


‘When I started the market, there wasn’t anywhere you could go in Dubai to easily pick up hand-crafted items that were made in the UAE’ says Miriam, who has lived in Dubai since 1990.  Many of the craft fairs in Dubai at that time had a lot of imported goods of varying quality and they were often mass-produced.


‘The amount of talented artisans in the UAE is incredible and we only showcase the best. There’s something to suit everyone’s budget and taste at ARTE’, says Miriam.


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